Julene is a London-based design strategist and product designer. Her work focuses on the design of innovative systems and products that motivate people towards socially and environmentally sustainable choices. For a more detailed profile please click here.

AWARDS (selected)
BraunPrize, Sustainability Award and UK and Ireland National Award Winner, Germany, 2012.
Green Design Competition, Product Design 1st Prize Winner, Netherlands, 2012.
Innovation by Design Awards by Fast Company, Finalist, USA, 2012.
SustainRCA Award, Solutions for Society Award Winner, UK, 2012.
Core77 Design Awards, Food Design and Design Strategy Runner-up, USA, 2012.
Archtriumph, 1st prize for Shanghai Ecological Carpark collaborating with Horhizon, 2012.
CONACYT. Award of a full scholarship by the Mexican National Council of Science and Technology. Mexico, 2010.
Well-tech Award. First place in Design for Quality of Life. Italy, 2010.

EXHIBITIONS (selected)
Progetto Cibo. MART (Contemporary Art Museum of Trento and Rovereto). Rovereto, 2013.
DreamLab: The Future of Food. Science Museum London, 2012.
The Green Design Exhibition. Amsterdam, 2012.
Design for the Real World, SustainRCA, London, 2012.
Show RCA 2012. London, 2012.
Paradise, RCA at Milan Design Week. Milan, 2012.
GRIST! Royal College of Art, 2012.
Beyond the screen. 12 Star Gallery. London, 2011.
Well-tech Exhibition. Milan Design week at Palazzo Isimbardi. Milan, 2010.

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